more time


When I was in the midst of my drinking career I slept passed out, a lot. I would get out at midnight on a Friday night, get plastered, and sleep till the last possible second before work on Saturday night. Doing anything before a shift was impossible. I was too exhausted. Too hung over. A waste of space.

In the last 81 days I have noticed that I have so much time for activities! I worked till 1am on Saturday morning got up at 9am and went car shopping with B and then went to work. I wasn’t exhausted. I wasn’t crabby. Just a normal day. I closed last night and didn’t get home till 3am. It is 11am now and I am awake and ready to tackle the day. While I might not be doing anything but drinking coffee and watching anime¬†(Future Diaries), I am awake (hey working till 3am is exhausting). Not passed out in a whiskey comma.

It has been nice having extra time.
Time to relax before work.
Time to hang out with my kiddo.