happy holidaze


I feel like I have forgotten about this blog. I am sorry.

In my defense I have been insanely busy. I talk about starting a faith free recovery group for bar/restaurant/industry workers a while ago. Well I did. And it is a thing 😲😆
hey there, lovely!.pngBeer City Recovery has been up and running for a few months now. We meet weekly (bi-weekly during the holidays) for about an hour. We have a few members who come to quite a few meetings and some members who float in and out. It has been going very well. During the warmer months we 
met a lot in public parks and coffee shops. Now we have been meeting a lot at the Red Project Center and coffee shops. I am so happy and excited to see where this takes me.

I also got CCAR certified to be a recovery coach. I am now eligible for hire in a few places in my city and with a few more training hours I will

JiFJTfCgTxy73O2PWhNxlw be state certified. It is scary and exciting all at the same time. The job would pay MUCH less than I make now but the opportunities for advancement are amazing. And I would be helping people and doing something I very much want to. I am slated to be off probation as early as April 2018. I would really like to wait till I am “off papers” for personal reasons. My probation officer keeps telling me I am doing too much and hates BCR. And I feel like no one is going to take me seriously becasue I am a “criminal”. My mentor keeps telling me I am being ridiculous but it is still holding me back.

I also just got 11 months sober. I feel like life is getting more…. stable. I went through some major issues while trying to get back on my meds for diagnosed bi-polar. But I have an appointment in a few days to do that. I need to be back on them. Feeling every emotion in the spectrum as instances as I do in such short times in exhausting.


How are you guys doing?