How open should you be with your kids about your drinking problems, recovery, struggles, etc. I know it depends on the age. Boosk is 8. We have always had a “read/watch watch what you want” policy. My mom never sensored me when I was younger and I was very grateful. Yeah I read and watched some scary shit, but she was always there to answer any questions, calm any fear I may have had.

I had to go to a victim’s impact panel (see the gnarly graphic video I had to watch below) for my sentance. Boosk got drug along as I didn’t have a sitter. He sat in the hallway but was very inquisitive about what it was and why I had to go. I explained to him that it was a V.I.P. showing the bad things that can happen if you chose to drink and drive and that mommy had made some mistakes so she had to go to be reminded of what those consequences could be. We talked a little about how drinking and driving could lead you to go to jail, lose your license, or even not be able to drive ever again. And that was that, we were on to pokemon go and bike rides.

I guess the question is, how did you handle talking to your kiddos about it. Or did you? Did you let them come to you or sit them down?


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