71 days.
71 mornings without a hangover.

Days like today make me wonder why I ever spent so many years in the bottle.
Why I ever let something as trivial as alcohol steal so many days from me.
A coworker congratulated me on my 70 days last night, and asked what my long term plans were. I said I would have to get back to him when I knew.

I know I have another year or more of court order sobriety left. After that it is all up to my willpower.
Will I even crave it after a year and a half?
What will my life be then?

But in the meantime I am going to keep working out and eating healthy.
Living my day one day at a time.
Celebrating the small things.
And giving my son as many kisses and hugs as I possibly can.

“What’s comin’ will come, an’ we’ll meet it when it does.”

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