if you can get sober, anyone can


The majority of people who know I am getting sober have been extremely supportive. Wanting nothing but the best for me. Save for a few intrusive “but why’s”, they have taken the news in stride and moved on.
There have been a few…. cunts however.
“Oh, ok, we’ll see how long it last this time.”
“Come on, just one, I won’t tell anyone.”
“But how are we supposed to hang out now?”
and probably my favorite,
“If you can get sober, anyone catext2image_L38827_20170319_071003n.”

It is more socially acceptable to be wasted every night then it is to be sober in this industry. When people first started noticing I was no longer “the life of the party”, that I was no longer partaking in after work beers till 4am, or that I was not having my pre shift “samples”, the rumor mill went into hyper drive. After my accident, I didn’t tell many people I quit drinking, I just quit hanging out at work. I still have not divulged the events that led to this forced sobriety to many, but I have been much more open about the fact that I am sober. Most people being debbie downers are people I have spent many nights getting blasted with. Part of me wonders if they are lashing out becasue they have lost a drinking buddy or possibly the fact that my soberness is making them face the fact that they to may have issues with alcohol. In an industry that revolves around booze it is no surprise that a majority of its workers have issues with binge drinking and long term alcoholism. It also makes me wonder why my “friends” never mentioned they thought I had a problem with alcohol until after I got sober..

Sorry this is so scattered. It is 3:30am and I just got out of work.

Have you guys had any nay-sayers on your roads to recovery? What did you say? How did you handle it?

Side note: has anyone had to deal with a Soberlink system as part of their recovery. Check back tomorrow, I have a whole rant about it.



3 thoughts on “if you can get sober, anyone can

  1. Your experiences have been practically identical to mine, yet we live almost half way around the world from each other! I wrote an article a few days ago that mirrors yours, you may like. Behind the scenes of NoWineImFine
    Today I’m laying out what’s behind the name NoWineI’mFine as a two-minute read. In doing so, I’m hoping to help you prepare for society’s reactions …
    Keep on doing your thing. F&@k the nay sayers and the doubters. I suspect deep down they are jealous hat you’ve got the guts to go against the grain. Thank you for writing.
    PS sorry not sure about the Soberlink thing, not heard of it. Cheers


    • Ahhh yes “are you pregnant”. I have gotten that so many times I want to yank my uterus out and throw it at people while shouting “no you bloody idiot!”
      The other day I lost my cool when a coworker who has been pushy about why I am not drinking asked me again for the 15th time that week if i was sure I wasn’t knocked up. I looked at her and shouted, “I got a goddamn DUI you idiot. I’m not fucking pregnant.” and stormed off. The look on her face was well worth my outburst.
      Soberlink is a portable PBT I have to carry with me and test 3 times a day. It’s annoying and I hate it.

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      • Ah the look on her face would have been priceless! People can be so invasive for some reason when it comes to laying off the booze.
        Eeeeek the testing thing sounds equally invasive as your nosy coworker.


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