I have been trying to find my biological father since I was about 16. I don’t know much about him; in fact, all my mom would tell me is “His name is David Smith.” I have even contacted her sisters and pressured my grandmother for details. Sadly, her sisters are not talking and my grandmother took the knowledge to her grave.

I have even reached out to the man I thought was my father until I was 5. No one has or is willing to give me any information. I am turning 30 this year and I would like nothing more then to find the man who has no idea I exists. I don’t know if he was a coke head or a decent guy who my mom just abandoned. Please help me find him.

Nancy Elizabeth McGorman
Born September 28, 1986 in Reed City Michigan
I was told we lived there for about a year and moved right before my half brother was born.


Myra Jean Dare (She went by Jean)
Born August 21 1962
She was 24 when she had me.
She has 4 sisters: Sheila, Cindy, Ronda, and Stacey
Her Mom: Nan Lorrain Deurloo
Her Dad(s): Jack Deurloo & Eldie Dare
Work: Rose Manufacturing (wood working factory in Grand Rapids, MI) from age 17-23/24

 I have also learned that both my mother and father lived on Selkirk Lake in the mobile park/campground in at least January of 1986. He also met and spoke with my Aunt Ronda on a few occasions.

feel free to share this anywhere you see fit. I am really trying to find some answers.


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