Oh Hai


I’ve been MIA. Which who really cares, it’s not like people read my ramblings.
But this week has been about 678% more then I can handle.

*Warning: this is a long winded bitch fest about my baby daddy*
My bro (R) who lives with me and doesn’t pay any bills got a job (YAY) and has started paying my 150$/month (not a lot, but it’s nice). It also means he can no longer help watch “the baby” (fuk). Also, now J (baby daddy) has stopped paying me… It’s like I can not get ahead. In addition to not paying me, he has been MIA for the last week and a half. He refuses to answer my text/calls about needing help finding sitters for “the baby” or the fact he owes me money. Thankfully I have awesome friends who have stepped up and watched him whenever I have needed it.

Here’s the hilarious thing though, I haven’t heard from J in a week. No calls, text, hey how is “the baby”. NOTHING! Yesterday he added that he was off work today (6/3) to our shared apple calendar. Conveniently for him it is also “the baby”s birthday… But he couldn’t be bothered to wake up and call him this morning.


He literally wants nothing to do with him for a week and a half and can’t bother to call him the morning of his birthday. Or hell, even answer me to tell me if he is coming to his birthday party or if he is bringing anything. But he wants to take him after school out to dinner becasue it is convenient for him.

That is J’s life. He only wants to do it if it is convenient for him.

He is getting married (to my ex best friend of 22 years, which is a story for another day) on the 21 or 22 of this month. I only know becasue “the baby” has been talking about it. Not becasue J has told me. He doesn’t respect me enough to tell me. He just assumes he is going to call me the night before and demand to take “the baby”.


Why should I have to cancel plans and be disrespected becasue he doesn’t know how to be a decent person.
Maybe if he was involved and tried to help out it would be a different story.
I am just so pissed about being labeled the bad parent and hot mess becasue of my job.
At least I am fucking here.
At least I show “the baby” every god damn day that I love him and he means the world to me.
At least I fucking show up.
Which is more then J can even muster up.

I am so done.
When “the baby” is 12/13, he will realize what a shitty person J is.
And I will stop sugar coating it and making excuses for him.



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