spring has sprung


the weather has been nothing short of a bi-polar bitch lately.
we seem to have that in common at least.

i have been trying to bike as much as possible.
it is good for my soul.
and not having to worry about driving and parking helps with my ever mounting anxiety.

we have been spending evenings off the iDevices and outside.
monday we went to the park where he plays soccer and just played for a bit.
he ended up making some friends and kicking the ball around while i walked around the field.
i also went on a 3 mile hike with some friends that day.

in other news, the two bank accounts is working well for me.
even if my “not bill” banking account doesn’t seem to have a lot of money going in to it.
good thing we have a lot of food in the house.
time to “eat what we have” for awhile.

my brother has started working.
he got a part time job making minimum wage (8.50$/hour).
i was like, great!
“you can help pay some bills so i can pay off more credit cards and save more.”
but apparently all his money is going towards HIS credit cards and med bills and little caesars.

all the while, the whole reason for him living here,
which is to nanny “the baby” is now non existent as he is working 35 hours a week.
so basically he is not watching “the baby” and not paying bills,
but still living here for free….
and also royally screwing me as i don’t have anyone else to watch “the baby”.

this week is so frustrating i am an the verge of a panic attack just thinking about summer vacation.
“the baby” will probably spend 90% of it up north with my parents and i won’t see him hardly at all.
thank goodness i have taken a week off in july to go camping with him!!

have a great day everyone.
soak up the sun.
think happy thoughts.
let it be.

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