i made a huge sudden realization last night.
while talking to some co workers about money and hoe stressful it is,
i realized i make a dumb amount of money for what i do and who i support.

i am a server.
last year i made 40,000$.
i support “the baby”, myself, and around 85% of my brother.

how is this not enough money?!?!
that is why.

while i am seriously working on quitting i am hoping to save a ton and FINALLY get my own place.
*********** is a great city to live in and i have no plans to leave for the next 18 years.
“the baby” is in a great school and i have a great job.
buying a house seems like the best option.
i will not be so depressed (this apartment is feeling like a jail),
and it will be nice to not have to worry about roommates and landlords.


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