getting my shit together.


i am constantly trying to find away to make paying bills and managing money easier for myself.
it is pretty scatterbrained as i never get checks and live off cash.
server, not stripper.

a bank in a store that i am in at least 5 times a week, and that my brother just got a job in was running a promotion.
i took this as a sign that an idea i have been mulling over for awhile was ready to be put in to use.
i have been figuring out how much exactly per shift i need to make just to pay my monthly bills.
phone, car, internet, ect…
so i am taking what i make every shift, putting that pre determined amount (usually ranged from 100$-150$) in my credit union account and the rest goes in to the new checking account.
the credit union account will strictly be used to pay bills, while the checking account will be used for everything else (groceries, gas, parking, fun, ect…)

i am hoping this will ensure i always have enough money to pay bills and won’t incur late charges.
and that i won’t spend that money meant for bills on other junk.
rules that make this work for me (i hope):
1. credit union debit card stays at home.
— basically so i am not tempted to use it
2. over draft protection has been turned off on all accounts.
—¬†overdraft protection is just another way for the bank to take YOUR money. it’s basically them charging you 35$ PER TRANSACTION that you don’t have the money for. so that 15$ you spent at the bar that you didn’t really have is now 50$! NO THANK YOU! i live by the motto, if i don’t have the money in my account, i don’t need it.
3. no transferring money between accounts.
— if for some reason i think i absolutely need credit union money in my checking account i guess i have to drive over there and get it out. i am lazy.
4. deposit money as soon after my shift as i can.
— some people think spending cash helps them save money as they can see it as they spend it. i am the other way. i spend way less when i am swiping my card as i am crazy about checking my online banking.

i am hoping this works out for me. it will drastically reduce me spending money i don’t have.
but what if you don’t make the predetermined amount on your shift you might be asking. well if that happens, 1. i will very sad as that was a very slow and crappy shift and 2. i will just have to take money from my checking account and put it in the credit union account.
the main reason for this system is so i can get my credit cards paid off and stop getting nailed with late fees so i can FINALLY buy a house.

what tips and tricks have you used to get out of debt or pay off high credit card balances??



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