chickens, eggs, basket… or something like that


there is some saying about not counting your eggs before your chickens hatch,
or something to do with eggs in a basket,
whatever it is,
i am trying not to do that.
but i am feeling amazing.

i haven’t been hungover in a couple days.
we have been getting up on time in the mornings.
which, believe it or not, a good morning makes for a good day!
instead of shouting and scurrying out the door our mornings have been filled with wild kratts and breakfast and coffee and snuggles.


the park where “the baby” plays soccer has a track around the field.
i normally just sit on the bench and freeze my butt off.
so why am i not just walking the track?!
i am also going to start biking to work again.
if i wait for the weather to warm up, i will be driving all damn summer 🙄
not to mention parking is going to be doubling at the end of the year 🔫

i am slowly trying to make better life choices.
one choice snowballs into another
into another.
i am looking forward and remembering where the past got me.

Too much looking backward … is bad for progress.


just keep trying 😎


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