a day of wins and washouts


today i went to work and inyqrgp9o3nuatold them that they could feel free to cut me whenever.
my kiddo starts soccer tonight and i wanted to be home when he got home so i could make dinner and we could eat before he went.
i got cut at noon.


i decided to walk to the comic shop so i could pick up my subs.
this normally would be when i get my subs
and then another 60$ of books.
today, i walked in, got my subs, and got the heck out.
i was so proud of myself.

i walked back to my car, which i had left in a lot by my work.
now normally, when getting out this early i would sit at the bar,
and have one,
even three beers.
becasue why not?
i planned on getting out latter, might as well drink.

today i went straight home.
i ended up doing some dishes and watching a movie.
i did however eat an easter chocolate bunny.

while today may have not ended up perfect,
it went better then most of my days before.
what do they say…

may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday


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