*delete delete delete*


i am slowly going through all of my belongings.
over half of them have been thrown away or donated.
it feels so nice to walk in to my apartment and everything is in its home.
and not to feel suffocated by all of my belongings.

i realized i am slowly being suffocated by unwanted people in my life as well.
i went out to celebrate a “friends” birthday last week.
only to be told how much they don’t like me.

oh. ok.
today i spent a good two hours deleting unwanted/needed online bull crap.
i started with my e-mail inbox.
unsubscribed from about 100 different weekly/daily emails
then went to facebook.

i went from about 600+ friends to 463.
i deleted every inactive profile.
all double profiles.
and then just butchered the rest.

oh we used to work together at some shitty bar 5 years ago.
ya gotta go.
oh i added you when i was wasted at some shitty bar.
ya gotta go.
so you added me after 5 years of high school becasue you realized i have a kid and ya wanna creep.
ya gotta go.

it is pretty refreshing being able to check my email and not have to wade through 50+ unwanted messages just to get to what i need.
also to go on facebook and just see who i actually want in my life.


One thought on “*delete delete delete*

  1. Fern

    I did an email and social media purge a few weeks back and I can agree it’s the best feeling ever. Some people I thought, they’ll definitely notice I’ve deleted them… then I thought, we’re not even close enough for them to confront me about it, so who really cares?! I think now I’ve done that, when I have big milestones in life, I won’t feel judged. (Before the purge, I moved into my first home and someone told my ex, who then spammed me with abusive messages… thanks to the t**t who clearly told him!!!)
    Love how you’ve written this, beautifully honest xx


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