depression and anxiety are not “trendy&cute”.
being so exhausted that you can’t think or function,
working two jobs and getting home at 3am just to turn around and be back at 8am,
living on coffee,
it’s not a way to live.

being so exhausted you can’t even keep up with housework.
you can’t even manage to get up, slam some coffee, and take your kid to school.

depression and anxiety are dilapidating, soul crushing, life stealing diseases.
they will chew you up and spit you out without a second look.
sometimes it takes every ounce of will you have to just get out of bed and get yourself to work.

does that sound fun?
does it sound like it will make you “cool”?
if so, you can have mine.
i beg you, please take it.

today i managed to get up and clean the house.
cleaned all the pet cages and boxes.
vacuumed my bedroom.
swept and mopped the floors.
and got rid of a ton of crap.

i still haven’t showered.
couldn’t tell you when i last did…

sometimes you just have to force yourself to make your place a bit let disgusting.
i promise it helps.



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